A new toolbox for internet gaming reduction

Internet gaming is a popular and widely accessible form of entertainment around the world. The enjoyment in playing games often revolves around exploring immersive worlds, experiencing adventures, and socialising with other gamers. However, the loss of control over gaming can result in major issues. This includes restrictions in real-life experiences, mood changes, lost opportunities in work and education, and negative social consequences.

Our research has found that people use a range of specific strategies in order to reduce their addictive behaviours. These strategies are also applicable to internet gaming, and are available as a tool to help anyone that is concerned about their use of games. 

Through this fantastic tool, eligible participants are able to make a specific plan to follow in order to reduce their gaming. To help with this, participants will also be provided a free booklet of strategies. Throughout their journey towards change, the coach will provide encouragement and feedback on the plans to help participants to reach their goals. 


Time frame

This is a 30 day program. You can apply your learnings beyond the program and into the future.


The goal

You select your own goal whether this is to quit or cut down.


Take the quiz

See how much time you spend gaming. Do a self-check now and then 30 days later.

Get free tools

We will provide you with the latest resources and tools to support your goals.

This study is fully subscribed

We will be recruiting again in 2020. Please send us an email if you would like to be on the wait list.

Approved by the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee on 19 March 2019 for three years.

Reference Number 022614.

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