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The Change Strategies Project is a program from The University of Auckland in New Zealand. Over the past five years we have been developing and testing new products for people who want to manage their own behaviour change.

New projects come online every few months.  Look out for super new resources to reduce overeating, gambling and also caffeine. As always these resources have been developed from consumers and people who have been there.

Our philosophy

Have you ever decided to do something like going to the gym but never did it? Have you tried something, and it worked for a while but then stopped?

That is where we can help. Our program guides you through an evidence-based planning technique. This technique is very likely to improve the success of your strategies.

Do it your way

You know yourself better than anyone else. You know what you want to achieve. This program will allow you to make your choices and follow your interests. You will have the freedom to do it your own way, within your own rules, and in your own time.

Develop your skills

You already have knowledge and skills to make changes in your life. You know you can do it! This program will help you to put everything you already know together. This will be through simple commonsense tips, so you can achieve the best results.

Make connections

People are social creatures. We all need someone to lean on or talk to or just to spend some time together. It is great if you have people around you who can do this for you. We also offer support through this program.