Dr Simone Rodda

Founder of the Change Strategies Project

Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Simone has a long history of working as a counsellor, educator, manager and researcher across every imaginable addiction. This experience has demonstrated people know what they need to do, they just can not always do it. She has a passion in helping people develop skills and insight into their own concerns.

Natalia Booth

Project Manager of the Change Strategies Project

Natalia recently completed her Bachelor of Health Science at Auckland University of Technology and is now working towards her Masters of Public Health at the University of Auckland. Natalia is particularly interested in research regarding addictive behaviours.

Collaborators on the Change Strategies Project

Dr Kathleen Bagot

Research Fellow, Social Scientist (Psychology)

Kathleen has focused on improving people’s physical and psychological wellbeing for more than 15 years. She has experience across a broad range of areas, including blood donation, gambling, natural environments and technology.

Associate Professor Nicki Dowling

Addictions specialist and researcher at Deakin University in Australia.

Nicki is a clinical psychologist and has talked to many thousands of people who want to change thier behaviour over the past 15 years.

Professor Dan Lubman

Addiction specialist from Monash University and Director of Turning Point in Australia

Dan is a psychiatrist and researcher with over 20 years working in the field of addictions. Dan has treated many thousands of people with addictions.  His research interests include early intervention and prevention of substance use disorders.

Associate Professor Jason Landon

Addictions specialist Jason Landon teaches psychology at AUT University.
Jason is interested in experimental research and qualitative investigations. He has conducted multiple evaluations of public health interventions.

This project welcomes students interested in supporting people to change their addictive behaviours. If you have a passion and desire to get involved contact us at changestrategies@auckland.ac.nz

Past students: Abdullah Kalantan, Carneshika Hettiaratchi, Wendy Stanley-Tate, Yen Ling Tan, Amber Kim and Dr. Brenna Knaebe.

Current students and research assistants: Dr Jenny Saxton, Natalia Booth, Matt Brittain, Paul Ware, Anita Chung, Jessica McKean, Jennifer Park, Cathy Han, Nana Iwami, Liu Gong, Telusila Vea, Mia Meckel and Lauren Hunter.

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