Want to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink?

Trying to reduce drinking can be made easier when you’re provided with right information and able to make your own choices.

Alcohol is the most frequently consumed drug. We drink to celebrate and to socialise. We drink because it tastes good and can make us feel good. Alcohol also can help us cope and can be a way to unwind when feeling stressed. It can also be difficult to avoid alcohol because it is easily accessible and available everywhere. Alcohol is also encouraged by others in social settings and it can be difficult to say no. All of these factors can make it challenging to change how much you drink.

Changing how much alcohol you drink is important if you notice that you are drinking more than you would like, your drinking is getting out of control, or is causing you problems, like frequent hangovers or missing out on work or family commitments.

While some people believe that most people fail at changing their alcohol, the fact is that most people DO change when they adopt the right strategies.


Time frame

This is a 30 day program. You can apply your learnings beyond the program and into the future.


The goal

You set your reduction goal and we help you achieve it.


Take the quiz

See if you are eligible for the study by taking the online quiz. Repeat again in 30 days and 6 months.

Get free tools

We will provide you with the latest resources and tools to support your goals.

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